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Convegno presentazione progetto

Venerdì 3 dicembre 2021 ore 16:00

presso la Sala Agave, Ex Convento Annunziata, Baia del Silenzio - Sestri Levante.

Modera gli interventi: MARA BARBIERI - Comune di Sestri Levante


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Cooperativa Isola Di Borgonovo was founded in 2005 but was fundamentally restructured in 2014, when the new board of directors relaunched the historic Cooperative with enthusiasm and a desire for innovation. Thanks to the fundamental contribution of the members, it has been possible to upgrade the olive oil mill allowing the production and sale of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. One of the Cooperative's fundamental objectives is the rehabilitation of the land (hazelnut and olive groves) with a view to promoting local products and our farming culture.

Olio extravergine di oliva, Olio extravergine di oliva DOP ligure riviera di Levante
Our olive oil

The availability of the various types of olive oil varies according to the course of the olive oil seasons.

  • Ligurian PDO EVO oil
  • Extra-virgin olive oil obtained from multi-cultivar olives, mainly Lavagnina, low acidity and slightly fruity. Top of the range
  • Del Borgo oil
  • Extra-virgin olive oil obtained from olives processed in our mill, mainly the Taggiasca cultivar, low acidity, medium light
  • Del Frantoio olive oil
  • Extra-virgin olive oil obtained from 100% Italian olives, processed in our mill, low acidity, light
Nocciole 'Misto Chiavari', Crema di nocciole Nocciole 'Misto Chiavari', Pesto alla Genovese, Farina di castagne nostrane
Other products
  • "Misto Chiavari" hazelnuts - An outstanding product of our region...
  • "Misto Chiavari" Hazelnut Cream - A fantastic hazelnut cream...
  • Genovese Pesto - Made with extra-virgin olive oil from our hills...
  • Homemade chestnut flour
  • Cornmeal
  • Biscuits, Nougats, Hazelnut pralines
  • And more...
Basil, bergamot, smoked, chilli, rosemary, truffle, ginger flavoured olive oils
Flavoured Olive Oils
Extra-virgin olive oil from our hills infused with the following flavours:
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Bergamot
  • Truffle
  • Chilli pepper
  • Smoked
  • Ginger
Availability of various flavours may vary depending on the time of year...
'Adopt an olive tree' project


In Liguria, with great passion, dedication and hard work, generations of farmers have built the typical dry stone walls on the slopes of the Ligurian hills to support olive plantations, giving rise to a veritable 'oil civilisation' that is now known throughout the world, thanks not least to the establishment of the Mediterranean Diet as a healthy, balanced diet. etc. It is no exaggeration to say that the beauty and diversity of the environments and locations in very difficult orographic conditions make the Ligurian olive-growing landscape unique in the world! Today, unfortunately, many olive groves in our area of Levante Ligure are no longer cultivated.

One of the main objectives of our Cooperative is to protect the rural territory by promoting and supporting the recovery of abandoned olive groves. We restored (almost entirely with our own financial resources) an olive grove on the Lavagna hills (abandoned for 10 years) of about 8000 square metres. There are many requests for the management of olive groves in the Tigullio region, but the scarce financial support from the various public bodies does not currently allow us to respond to all of them. The 'adopt an olive tree' initiative seems to us to be a good starting point for raising awareness of this somewhat forgotten area, which is in some respects hostile yet offers an incomparable charm!

In this way, you too will contribute, together with the Cooperative, to the enhancement of this land, its farming culture and the authenticity of its products. This could be an original gift idea for your partner, for a grandparent, for a friend or for a newly born child; the adoption certificate will bear his or her name!

HERE find the project regulations and the adoption form.

Or you can activate adoption through our ONLINE shop,HERE

Adopt an olive tree and adopt a 'piece' of Liguria!

The Chair

Mario Dodici

Download the regulations Adopt an olive tree and adopt a 'piece' of Liguria!

Our services

Thanks to the olive oil mill, we offer an olive milling service with water-saving 3-phase continuous machinery, with six temperature-controlled malaxers and the capacity to process up to 15 qt of olives per hour. The olive milling season normally begins in October and lasts until December. Unfortunately, the length of the season depends on many factors such as the climate, the oil fruit fly, etc. The 2019 season, for example, will be remembered as one of the worst in recent decades in Liguria in terms of olive production.

Olive milling

Services by prior arrangement
  • Cleaning of agricultural and non-agricultural sites
  • Olive grove management
  • Hazelnut management
  • Any other work geared towards the rehabilitation and protection of the natural environment and the promotion of local products and our farming culture.
  • In addition, we also supply firewood with home delivery (always by prior arrangement)...
Courses and training

We also provide training activities, with courses and seminars, for continuous updating in order to improve the quality of local production. 

Where to find our products

You can find our products not only at the mill but also in the following commercial establishments:
  • Ristorante al Vecchio Mulino Bedonia (PR) (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Bar e Pasticceria “Macera” Borzonasca (GE) (Anche vendita olio E.V.O.)
  • Rifugio “Malga Zanoni”  Borzonasca (GE) (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Panificio “Torre” Calvari (GE) (Vende il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Panificio e Pasticceria “Barbieri”  Chiavari (GE) (Olio E.V.O. e prodotti alla nocciola)
  • Pescheria “Mare Blu”  Chiavari (GE) (Vende il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • The Best Chiavari (GE) (Vende il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Enoteca Andrea Bruzzone Genova (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Ristorante “Rosso Carne” Genova (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Fugazzi-Fontana Gravizza -S.Stefano D'Aveto (GE) (Vende il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Ristorante Gaggiani Lavagna (GE) (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Pizzeria “Vecchio Borgo” Mezzanego (GE) (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Ristorante Levantino Moneglia (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Ristorante “Il Vescovado” Noli - Savona (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Bar Ristorante Anna Maria Passo Del Bocco (GE) (Vende il nostro Olio e i prodotti alla nocciola)
  • Ristorante Bar “Belvedere” S.Giulia di Lavagna (GE) (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Hosteria Della Luna Piena S.Stefano D'Aveto (GE) (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • “Rifugio Tomarlo” S.Stefano d’Aveto (GE) (Utilizza il nostro olio E.V.O.)
  • Panificio Luca 3  Sestri Levante (GE) (Vende il nostro olio)

Customer reviews...

A collection of reviews posted by customers on Facebook and Google

Ottimo! 5 Stelle meritate...

Anna Linda Papalini

Facebook  11/12/2016

La crema di nocciole del Tigullio è veramente una specialità tipica, realizzata con le nocciole locali della Valle Sturla, varietà "Nocciola Misto Chiavari", dalle forme disomogenee e un po' allungate, di difficile lavorazione rispetto a quelle piemontesi. Una prelibatezza, un prodotto di pregio! Eccezionale.

Michela Terenghi

Facebook  27/12/2016

Professionalità e competenza unito a prodotti di ottima qualità. Squadra vincente avanti così

Massimo Canepa

Facebook  02/01/2017

Ottimi prodotti realizzati per maggior parte a Km 0 e massima serietà dei gestori.

Marisa Boero

Facebook  28/01/2017

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